Dstv extra view E143-4, No communication from primary decoder

This dstv error is commonly caused when there is a break in the link between the primary and secondary decoders, Most dstv subscriders that have more than one decoder linkend on the same subscription on the extraview account mostly complain about this issue, Why does the error-e143-4 no communication from the primary decoder show on my screeen ? find the explanations here.

We shall discuss on the necessary ways of how to clear this e143-4 error , The discussion will be divided in two groups. Triple view installation problem and then Dual or extraview installation solutions.

Triple View E143-4 Communication Error on Explora decoders

What could cause the secondary decoders on dstv triple view to show this error code .

Extra view E143-4 Communication Error on Secondary Dstv Decoder

Solution to fixing e143-4 dstv no communication problem or waiting for communication

  • Check the heart beat cable if its intact , this is mostly found on the RF in and Rf out ports at the back of the dstv decoder
  • Check the cabling connecting the primary and secondary decoder. Ensure that there are no cable breaks or faulty devices.
  • In most installation there are other tv installed in the bedrooms, ensure that the devices distributing the heart beat and RF frequencies are not faulty or consider replacing them.
  • The newest dstv decoders don’t have RF out and RF in, they use the LNB as the heart beat . at times you might need to change the smart LNB as they tend to wear out.

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e143-4 dstv error

A picture  illustrating a DSTV e143-4 .This notification is mainly found on the secondary decoder.

E143 -4 user comments blogs post and Reviews section
Dstv error e143-4

DSTV ERROR E143-4 NO COMMUNICATION FROM PRIMARY DECODER No communication from primary decoder. Do you have any posts and comments you want to share with

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Can Dstv please solve this issues of no communication error 143-4, i pay alot to have this on my tv, i need it fixed
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Can you please assist me with how to solve e143-4 error on my decoder in the bedroom. it keeps on saying waiting for communication from primary decoder
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Enough is Enough, i cant watch my dstv in the bedroom tonight, this notification 143 4 on my explora is a pain. how much is your call out fee.
william at 1:48 am

My dstv says there is no communication from primary decoder. I have a dstv explora and a pvr . I there any way guys can assist me

Ingrid Diesel at 8:35 pm

the TV guy came out was here for 2.5 hrs everything was working perfectly clear clear picture
He left. ……..10 mins later error E143 appeared from the PVR. What do we do now!!!!!!!!

Sarah at 11:16 am

Please help it keeps showing me no communication from primary decoder with e143-4

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